Duty clothing in accordance with country-specific ordinances

Additional features for outer jackets

Article 101 moisture barrier on the jacket hemline

Article 102 moisture barrier on the sleeve hemline

Article 103 anti-abrasion section on the sleeve hemline

Article 104 second chest pocket with a flap and a closure per klett

Article 105 elbow reinforcement made from Kevlar/polyurethane

Article 106 elbow reinforcement made from the outer material

Article 107 shoulder reinforcement (outer material incl. padding)

Article 108 thumb tabs

Article 109 knitted wristband with a thumb hole

Article 110 three waist loops for a safety belt

Article 111 recovery loop in the shoulder region

Article 112 Adalit torch holder

Article 113 cape collar (small) with closure per klett without a reflective properties/over print

Article 114 zip on the sleeve hemline

Article 115 reflective strips HuPF new (with HuPF 8/99)

Article 116 reflective strips BaWü new (with HuPF 8/99)

Article 117 reflective strips Lower Saxony (NiSa) (with art. 12-6650)

Article 118 reflective strips HuPF new 09/06 (with BaWü new)

Article 119 reflective strips, sewn with double stitching

Article 120 drawstring in the waist

Article 121 repair opening with closure per klett

Article 122 front closure per klett is inverted

Article 123 fleece strip for a second back label

Article 124 additional back label

Article 125 sewed attachment of an emblem (provided)

Article 19-1100 carabiner hooks