Duty clothing in accordance with country-specific ordinances

Additional equipment for jackets

Article 301 two inserted side pockets with a flap

Article 302 loop for carabiner hooks

Article 303 aerial loop

Article 304 hip pocket with a loop and closure per klett

Article 305 reflective strips (same as HuPF part 1 09/06)

Article 306 reflective strips on the upper arm, HuPF 09/06

Article 307 reflective strips on the lower arm, circular 1 x 50 mm

Article 308 reflective strips on the hemline, circular 1 x 50 mm

Article 309 fleece strip for back label

Article 310 back label with lettering

Article 311 fleece strip for name strip

Article 312 sewed attachment of an emblem (provided)

Article 313 Reflexite FTP 1200 - Stripe in article 12-6953